Hi, I’m Ruby

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I want to help you live a supercharged life so that you can conquer any obstacles standing in your way.  I use various approaches including functional medicine and energy medicine to align the mind, body, and spirit and bring balance to the inner world which is reflected into our external world.

I have a virtual wellness private practice, which allows me to connect with clients all around the world. The focus of my practice is to help men and women heal from chronic dis-eases and live a life full of energy and vitality. I support physical, emotional, and spiritual growth to bring about a powerful TRANSFORMATION.

I am a true New York gal. Lived/worked in Astoria, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Staten Island. Now, my husband and I live in sunny, beautiful, (and humid!) North Carolina. We are a military family, and we don’t know where life will take us next. But, we do know that we’re going to enjoy this beach life as much as possible while we have it!







My Story

Why I do What I do

My entire life has been filled with illness and disorders; pain, anxiety, depression, menstrual problems, gut issues, eating disorder, digestive issues, weight problems, HPA dysfunction (aka adrenal fatigue), PTSD, and PCOSI already wasted way too much time seeing medical specialists, trying every diet, fancy/new supplements, and products with little success. It was all I could take.

After experiencing excruciating pain that brought tears to my eyes over and over again, I thought to myself -am I even worth fixing?

Even if all the doors are closed, there is always a window open.

~ Mr. Judge

The Troublesome Past

I first came to the USA from Pakistan when I was 1, and lived with my mom and dad for a few years. Sadly, my mom had to send me back, so she could eventually bring me back to live with her in the US.

The time apart from my mom was the most traumatic experience of my life. Shortly after, the two people I loved most and who were most affectionate and caring with me died.

The first was my grandma (my Nani), and the second was my loveable and funny uncle Sher (Lion). I also suffered sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. I was to the breaking point, and I thought of ending my life several times. The thing I wanted most in the world was to be reunited with my mom. So, I prayed and prayed and prayed and…

It finally happened. When I was 11, my mom took me from Pakistan to America to finally live with her for good. When she first saw me, she was shocked. My skin was yellow and jaundiced. I likely had a fatty liver because I was neglected, abandoned, and malnourished.

My mom did her best to provide and care for me, but our home was filled with fear, anxiety, stress, and physical and sexual abuse by my stepfather. Sometimes we had to escape which meant leaving our home.

There were times when my mom, my younger brothers, and I lived in shelters and vans, and we brushed our teeth and got ready for school in any open McDonald’s bathroom.

Despite the harsh times, I also remember the good ones. I remember the generosity of our schools and communities that gave us food, especially around the holidays. I remember our first turkey. I was super excited. And mostly, I remember laughing and playing with my small family and the hugs and joy we felt.

The Bitter Truth

Every time I cried in pain and suffering; it was as if I kept discovering a new piece of the puzzle.

During these times, I honestly asked myself difficult and complicated questions; questions, that may have had frightening answers.

Who am I truly? Who would I be if I weren’t afraid of being judged by others? What kind of life do I want to live, and how can I start living that life today?

I went face-to-face with all of my hurts, wounds, and pain. I listened closely to my body, heart, and intuition. Past fears and memories, which I thought was over, came back with a fierce intensity. They were buried deep inside and my body remembered.

The answer was through- as in the only way out. I made a decision right then and there to stop the bull and be honest with myself.

Eye of the Beholder

It was only through asking how much I could take, that I could learn how much I had to give. Mind. Blown.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Every single hurt, wound, and pain, was meant for me; each one came to me as a teacher, and these experiences are a part of my larger calling to serve and help others.

To help myself, I had to help others. Confusing right?! I thought so too. Then, I realized that experiences aren’t a one-person phenomenon. The things that happen to us and for us connect us to each other.

The intuitive guide within me- that I ignored for way too long- spoke loudly. A strong feeling of determined motivation surged through me, and I knew that anything was possible if I set strong intentions.

I finally understood how sharing my story builds a connection, and through that connection is how I best help my clients, friends, and family. Who knew you could learn so much from listening and asking yourself the hard questions?

Clarity & Compassion

I remembered how I survived and the tools I used to heal myself along the way. I remembered that we all have the innate power to heal and grow. I remembered my deep beliefs that the answers to our problems live in the higher consciousness within us.

I also remembered how I used to play doctor and loved fixing things when I was a little girl. That healing people and making them feel better made me feel happy. I wanted to listen to people, to understand them, and to make them feel heard.

This was a simple but huge realization for someone who was told she would never be successful or happy; who felt unloved, and ashamed, who felt lost and alone.

My purpose became clear. I mattered. Everything I went through taught me a lesson. And, I’m still standing- a strong, loving, and kind-hearted person. My heart was instantly filled with love, and a warm joy and kindness surrounded me.

A compassionate thought came to me, and I felt for all the people out there who were suffering and struggling like I was. People who feel abandoned, ashamed, hopeless, invisible, judged, lonely, neglected, unheard, unloved. People who are falling into a world of pain filled with heartaches and disappointments.

And I knew that they could change their lives too and I could help.

I felt peace inside.

 Trauma to Transformation to Purpose

The fog and laziness I felt for a long time were lifted. It was like seeing the sun again after a months-long rainstorm. I experienced my entire past and saw a purpose in every action, decision, and thoughts.

Thus far, I have successfully healed food sensitives, acne, headaches, irregular and excruciatingly painful menstrual cycles, PCOS, thinning hair, poor sleep, acid reflux, dizziness, back pain, osteoarthritis, joint pain, hypoglycemia attacks, HPA dysfunction (adrenal fatigue), plus I completely changed my relationship with food and nutrition.

There is still a part of me that is still on a healing journey. But I promised myself and the Universe that I will continue to take the time to emotionally heal, hold myself accountable for my choices, and make a conscious effort to live a life of purpose.

Healing at the emotional and spiritual level has allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of the root causes of these problems that a lot of people suffer from. It is what powered me into stepping up as an energy medicine practitioner. I have healed many deeply seated emotions that were the root cause of my symptoms and pain, and I have a long list of symptoms I have experienced. I opened my heart to allow love into my life, and finally accepted my true self and my higher purpose.

The Catalyst of Change

The often-overlooked link in health and happiness is Energy. That energy which makes up the fabric of our being; that energy that saves our memories and emotions; that energy that rests dormant in our bodies, and manifests itself in multiple forms.

I’ve used energy work for years, and it’s a secret to increased emotional control, conscious decision-making, deliberate effort, and getting to the root cause of ailments. Energy teaches us the true meaning of what creates dis-ease or dis-order in our body and mind.

And I can 100% assure you, being happy and healthy is possible if you are dedicated, motivated, and willing to put in the time, develop self-awareness, be consistent, and tap into your inner power. 

My programs are designed to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and help you discover your very own superpowers.

During your transformation process, I recommend personalized just-for-you healing and energizing foods; specific medical-grade supplements to support your body, mind, and energy body; and teach you practical techniques to reclaim your inner joy and power.

It’s time to stop running, distracting yourself, and denying yourself the chance to truly heal.

And Always Remember…

You are important. Your life is valuable. You have a purpose. You are destined for greatness, and it is your right to live a life overflowing with joy, happiness, and freedom.

With Gratitude and Love,

Ruby XoXo

Professional Bio

Ruby Ali MS, RDN, LD, is a functional and energy medicine practitioner. She is also the founder and CEO of Simply Supercharged, LLC.

She has had over 10+ years of practice through which she continues to learn, grow, and share the wealth with all of her clients. She has gained valuable insights as a health coach with a proven success record of helping clients achieve their health goals.

Her experiences include health coaching for a world-renowned corporate brand, providing direct clinical services at Cleveland Clinic, Center of Functional Medicine, and expert education from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Moreover, her personal trial-and-error experiments with various health issues over the years have given her the professional expertise to get you the results you’re looking for.

The inspiration for the Simply Supercharged® virtual wellness practice comes from a desire to help everyone get real answers to their real issues. She uses innovative and evidence-based tools, techniques, and methods, to put you on the fast track to a healthier and happier you.

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