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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Baby it’s cold out there! I had first made this soup for a community education class and this was a hit. I didn’t realize how simply soup making was. This soup will keep you warm and cozy while nourish you in the cold and snowy weather.

Purple Cauliflower Smoothie

Well, I really hope blueberries are your favorite, especially wild blueberries. They are one of the highest fruits in antioxidants. Not only will they nourish your body, enhance your brain function and immunity, but they also improve your mood.

Turnip Fries

You want fries and you want them to be healthy and low carb. I get it. So, here are some turnip fries. These do require a bit muscle to cut but they make great tasting fries. You can cook them longer to make them even more crunchy if that is your style.

Low Carb High Protein Bagel

Seriously, this is the real deal, delicious and grain free. Low carb and keto friendly and provide protein too. The recipe makes 6 small to medium bagels but you can make 3  regular sized bagels.

Avocado Egg Bowl

Avocados are my favorite and eggs are my usual go to breakfast most days. After you have the boiled eggs prepared or you can buy boiled eggs from Costco. Pretty much add all ingredients together and voila your breakfast is served. Enjoy this with some low carb or gluten free toast. Or better yet some cauliflower crackers.