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Optimal Wellness

Supercharged Guide

Want to be healthier, happier, and more productive daily? Then this is your stop. Start with these nine simple steps daily so you can take control back of your life! Including these as part of your lifestyle daily will bring changes at the subtlest levels of your being.

All About the Gut

Gut Type Quiz

  • Are you suffering from many digestive problems?
  • New to gut health world?
  • Or don’t know where to look to start healing your gut?

Then you have landed at the right place. Spend 5-minute to discover your gut type. This quiz will get you on the right path to healing from the gecko!

yeast issues

The Candida Score Quiz

Have you been chronically ill for a long time? You have spent a decade searching for answers but haven’t found a solution yet? Or you suspect/know you have yeast issues…Then this is it! Take this 5-minute quiz to see if yeast/candida overgrowth may be at the root of your problems and to what degree.